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ROCZUZ - Was about time!

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ROCZUZ - Was about time!

Post by Kaynil on Thu Sep 23, 2010 8:20 am

It has been a while and I haven't even take the time to introduce you guys my own place, shame on me. Here have a look:

The main catch with the board is that is two boards in one: Half of it is in English while the other half is in Spanish.

Some members know both language and go around both halves, but we also got exclusive members of each side. So please don't hesitate just because you don't know Spanish, the English category is a complete board in itself.

You'll find sections for...
- Television (Anime, cartoon, videogames) -
- Internet -
- Board games and SPAM area -
- Interviews -
- Music -
- Debates -
... and of course much more.

Some safe zones that only people that have posted enough to prove not to be stalkers or bots can benefit of like:
- Creations showcase -
- Your Own zone -
- Mature zone -

We consider ourselves a general talk Message Board, which means you can talk about almost anything you'd like to, no matter if is silly or controversial... Because we don't want to be just any community out there we strive to bring a trust environment within our members so they can feel relaxed to open up themselves.


I'd love you visit us today.




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